Using a ESD for Windows 7, just checking I am doing it right.

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    As my install is now larger than fits on a single layer RW disc I decided to convert to ESD with NTlite(as no matter how hard I try I cant get wimconverter to work on any of my pcs despite them having Windows 8.1)

    My 4.7 gig file is now 2.7 gig but I wanted to check if what I am doing is correct, I copied boot.wim and setup file from sources folder on my Win 8 disc to the sources folder on my Win 7 install, and if I click setup from that it goes into setup(doesnt ask me to select a edition though but not sure if thats because I only have Home Premium on my install)

    So is that it? Just asking as the root folder of the install has a setup.exe and setup.y file on it, do I leave them? Delete them? copy the setup exe from the source folder?
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    No is the other way around. Windows 7 install.esd must be copied to Windows 8 sources folder and delete its own install.wim in it.
    In other words, you must use the whole Win8 / 8.1 DVD setup files and Win7 install.esd

    and put alongside an ei.cfg file with this info: