Using Old Windows 8.1 Pro Key To Get Windows 10 Pro

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    I have purchase a all in one pc that came with Win 8.1 & is eligible PC for Windows 10 upgrade & it seems my all in one would get Windows 10 home after going through the upgrade process

    I have windows 10 pro on my laptop so hope to have windows 10 pro on my desktop (aio)

    But a friend mention to me that if i had a windows 8 pro key that was purchased when windows 8 was released & the cost was around £15.00,its possiable to use the key to upgrade my new (aio) to windows 8.1 pro
    then upgrade to windows 10 pro

    He did say that he had done this when he purchased a windows 8 key at £15.00
    He had a dell laptop running windows 7 (genuine) Purchase Windows 8 pro key at offer price
    Upgrade laptop to windows 8 pro then upgrade to windows 8.1 pro
    Then his system was eligible PC for Windows 10 upgrade & he got windows 10 pro
    he then done a clean install of windows 10 pro & everything was fine

    Then he used his windows 8 pro key to upgraded a system he also purchased that came with windows 8.1
    Then on that system upgraded to windows 10 pro & activated

    Is this true & possiable as I thought the the key is pick up during the first upgraded & M$ add to their database

    But my friend says that the keys are retail & can`t be lock but you can`t have the same key on more than one system but once you`ve upgraded to win 10 the key can be used again

    He also states Microsoft are pushing Windows 10 & want people to upgrade & as many are doing via win7 & daz loader & kms I kinder see his point

    Also he says the key can`t be invalid because if you upgrade to windows 10 & even if you dilike windows 10 you can go back & install windows 8 or 8.1 at any time & your key will still activate
    What are member opinions on this
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    Activated Windows 8 will get upgraded to the same edition of Windows 10 irrespective of which key has been used.
    In fact (according to downlevel config) Win 8 upgrade keys can be used to activate a clean install of version 1511 as well - check with pidchecker, if you have an upgrade key it will show something similar to this:

    PID: 00180-84445-83465-AA577
    Extended PID: 01808-01808-444-583465-00-7177-10586.0000-3562015
    Active SKU ID: 7f71c90a-6279-4274-b398-37f7e9019dd4
    Product Description: Win 8 RTM Professional Retail
    Edition ID: Professional
    Part Number: [8]res-v1808
    Product Key Channel: Retail
    Eula Type: Retail:WAU:101;99;100;
    Obviously, if it just says retail, you are golden anyway.
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