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    I've modded recently the newest(sure, newest ver from the end of 2005 ;) ) version of BIOS from MSI. The motherboard is MSI K8N Neo FSR (MS-7030), BIOS ver is 2.1 (filename W7030NMS.210). I've used the most up-to-date AwardTool 1.53, it had shown some problems with unhandled exception though(but it had run fine, I hope it haven't done anything wrong during patching process). The SLIC and SLP that I've used, were from Sony(VAIO's SLIC 2.1) and the patching method I've chosen was 0+2, because AFAIK this BIOS revision doesn't have any SLIC inside. Nevertheless, I've tried later the ISA method. Later, when I've compared these two methods, I've found that the ISA way mixed "Sony Corporation" string into other text, while 0+2 not. I haven't modified any BIOS since three years, so I would be really grateful, if you could verify my work, to avoid any problems later. ;)

    Here is the ISA modded revision:
    h t t p: / / www . sendspace . com/ file/ hskg95

    and here 0+2:
    h t t p: / / www . sendspace . com/ file/ pgl3dn

    (delete the spaces, please)

    Thanks in advance.