Very Odd Fact after flashing bios

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by JaGuAr81, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. JaGuAr81

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    Jun 11, 2007
    Something very odd happened after flashing my MB with the moddified BIOS that nicely China4ever did for me...

    When i installed Vista for the fisrt time in my laptop (HP Pavilion DV6120la) the integrated webcam stopped functioning properly, i flashed Bios with the oem bios for vista from hp page... but it worked whenever it wanted, most of the time the apps said that it was in use by another app..

    after 32bit vista.. came 64 bit vista in my laptop.. i flashed my MB with the oem hp bios from its webpage.. and yet, webcam did not work..

    then, i managed to end up in this comunitiy.. and China modded my bios adding slic table.. and after that.. not only my vista wuz activated.. also the Webcam started functioning without problems...

    it was very very odd, since the only thing China did were to add the slic table..

    i can only say two things: THANKS and ROFLMAO