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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by weinter, Jun 30, 2009.

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    Feb 19, 2009
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    I would like to find out how you view Apple, OSX and Macs.
    I am not a Microsoft Fan as well.
    With a normal x86 laptop I can run anything I desire as well at a money more well spent cost.
    First off I hate them.
    1)For the same prices I can buy a more powerful x86 laptop.
    2)OS X is nothing more than another UNIX.Yet people consistently fawn over something so common (Solaris, BSD, GNU\Linux).
    3)Apple blatantly lies in their marketing campaign (just go and read up on their history) and people forget about them so quickly.
    4)Apple tries to market their machine as a "special" system and criticize Windows yet Dual-Boots them isn't it ironic?
    5)Apple ads are funny yet dumb with very little truth.
    6)They actually make people pay for service packs(OS upgrades without significant features)
    7)They don't patch their systems and assume UNIX=Secure (They maintain their own java but they are usually outdated and security patches are very little not because it is 100% secure but because they simply don't bother )
    8)They spent their time and money investing on new technologies to gain media attention but neglect their existing systems (Come on they ought to do something about than age old 4.4BSD userland, but no they don't instead focusing on things like OpenCL when so many similar technologies are already in place)

    The worse part is people actually start buying them and claim they run faster quicker when all of us already know that x86 machines are identical and spec for value Apple isn't worth it.:eek:

    IMO Apple is just like SONY computer hardware companies trying to sell their hardware at higher profit margin than competitors(except Apple gives you a fully customized Ubuntu like OS for Free).
  2. vistadude

    vistadude MDL Member

    Oct 7, 2008
    Dear weinter,
    I have only owned PCs. For one work project, I had to use a Mac for half a year to edit video. One thing I can say is I absolutely hated OS X. I couldn't figure out how to make the darn programs bar hide and I was in user mode rather than admin mode and couldn't customize anything. However, I can say is this machine ran fast. We would edit video in final cut pro and work only with external firewire drives and man this thing worked in real time. I tried the adobe equivalent on a gaming pc and it ran much slower and couldn't work with extern drives properly (write speed was always slower than render speed and it kept crashing the drives and software because of it). This was all back in 2002.
    I still prefer windows to OS X today, I still havn't touched a mac since and can't see how people like to be downgraded from five button mice to a one button mouse to a zero button mouse. I also hate how their notebooks don't have a removable battery. That means you always gotta carry a power cord and could never use extra batteries.
    The good things that can be said about their computers:
    a) iMac is fast, comes with an actual OS X disc, and doesn't come with much trialware, but basically can't be upgraded with new hardware.
    b) Mac mini, best small desktop pc with wireless, but too expensive. All of the windows equivalents look ugly.
    c) Mac Pro, too expensive
    d) Laptops, thinnest and sexiest laptops for mainstream, but poor upgrade options. Also very fast and use good video cards and fast front side busses and memory.
    e) OS X is faster than windows, especially Vista, at launching equivalent applications. However, the taskbar is so bad compared to windows that I'll work faster in windows switching programs and using keyboard shortcuts.

    To answer your questions.
    1) Yes you can get faster specs, but apple laptops are much slimmer, better looking, and come with faster RAM. Also, you get a full OS X disc, not a hard drive install that will reinstall all the bloatware again. If you shop around, you can usually get a free ipod touch which adds a lot of value for the price.
    2) OS X is a user friendly UNIX. Normal people aren't going to install UNIX or Linux!
    3) Agreed, Apple lies.
    4) Agreed, though it is cool to run Outlook on a Mac.
    5) Agreed, but Vista needs bashing :)
    6) They do add new functionality to their OS's (snow leopard is an exception but at least it's inexpensive). Windows service packs don't change the user experience at all. All they do is 90% fix security issues, and 10% fix bugs/stability.
    7) They do patch their systems but they don't document anything in the updates. Windows wins here clearly.
    8) Huh? Most PC vendors neglect their computers. Look how poorly PC makers did with making drivers for newer (at the time) XP pc's that were easily capable of running vista in terms of speed but incapable because no drivers were made.

    You might want to try the mac laptops. They're extremely stingy with ram, 1 or 2 gb standard, yet applications open faster and run smoother than similar windows laptops that come with 4 gb ram. You also get far better video card options on macs then windows laptops.
  3. Aradria

    Aradria MDL Novice

    Apr 23, 2009
    I've always hated Apple.

    1) Marketed as a fashion item with people falling for it.
    2) Claiming to be something new/innovative/different when in reality the only differences are cosmetic (see iPhone especially)
    3) Even more proprietary/anti-competitive than MS!
    4) Overpriced (see 1)

    and all the other reasons.

    I think in Hell there would be Apple logos everywhere.
  4. weinter

    weinter MDL Senior Member

    Feb 19, 2009
    5) is the reason why I am here for the new forum sections:)

    Reason for 8) is because Vendors no longer make any money out of old models so they just abandon it not that I agree for any matter.
  5. Myrrh

    Myrrh MDL Expert

    Nov 26, 2008
    OSX can be made to run pretty good on an x86 pc for the rare occasions I need something that looks good but has no useful functionality. No need to buy the overpriced hardware.

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