Vista SP1 installation problem

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by dragonfire665, Jan 22, 2009.

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    Sep 17, 2008
    Well i tried installing Vista SP1 both from standalone installation with just 5 languages and all languages and even from Windows Update but i cant install it. It gets half way and i get this errors either one

    error 0x8007000d

    0x80073712 (but mostly this one)

    The first error i pretty much get it when i try to install the System Readiness Update Tool, or i think thats how its called. i checked for all updates installed within my computer and i make sure that i had the patches required before SP1 and i do. But for some reason it still wont installed.

    I did a few fix that i found in a few forums, like deleting a file that starts witha p and ends with .xml (reason i dont recall full name is cuz im not home) so as i was sayin, i trying searchin for that file thru CMD as admininstrator but it cant be found (kno that for some reason when i run CMD as administrator it starts with C:\Windows\system32\, or other times it will start with C:\Users\Ricky\) kno that im the soley owner and only user on this computer, so i dont even have guess on.

    I also did a check error and i found none. I manually search for that p.xml file and it was not within windows. i change the name of a folder ending with downloads to downloads.old, but is just not download, i forget the beginning of the folder. I deleted temporary files and still nothing.

    So yea what else is there to do, i think i did it all. (kno that i dont want to reinstall again Vista
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