VMware and Hyper-V not compatible

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    I don't know how many of you use both Hyper-V and VMware, but if you have Hyper-V installed, I am sure you noticed that VMware will not run as long as Hyper-V has a role on the computer. After some searching here, I see that "hypervisorlaunchtype" has only been discussed with Windows Loader setting it to Auto.

    I would need to get some input from DAZ on what this will do to the Loader if anything?

    Anyway, with this it is the opposite, the hyper-v role needs to be off for VMware to work. As you cannot really uninstall Hyper-V once it is installed, you can disable it, and in my opinion is basicly the same as removing it from the system. Since I use VMware more often than Hyper-V, I chose to disable Hyper-V until I have a need for it again.

    The fastest way, possibly the only way that I have found was to, open Hyper-V manager and "stop service" on the right panel, and then at an elevated command prompt I entered what you see below.
    Disable Hyper-v at an elevated command prompt, and reboot.
    bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off
    To enable Hyper-v to use Hyper-V again, at an elevated command prompt, and reboot
    bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto
    Once you set to off, it should give you a confirmation that the setting was applied. After a reboot and the system configures itself, VMWare is functional again.

    I thought this might be helpful to someone needing to run VMware after Hyper-V has been installed on Windows 8 Pro. At least until something easier or simpler (if possible) can be done. :hypo:
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    No other solution possible... If you want to play with both at same time just used Nested setup, Hyper-v inside VM on workstation...
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    Hyper-V will not run under VMWare! Even if VT-x is enabled it will still refuse to run as it recognises that it is a virtual machine and says 'no'.
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    Well I tried it a while ago on a Mac with the latest Fusion 5.0.3. And yes I have a Core i5 so VT-x is no problem. I couldn't get Hyper-V to run. ESXi ran fine.

    Oh well, sorry for the mis-information. :eek:

    UPDATE: Hyper-V will not work in VMWare products even with VT-x redirection enabled. HOWEVER if one tweaks the configuration file in ESXi or chooses "Hyper-V" as the operating system (in Workstation and Fusion), then it works fine!

    What I was doing was using the guest operating system as "Windows Server 2012" (because it was so!). Having changed it to "Hyper-V", now it works :)