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    Jan 24, 2013
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    I recently started developing ruby on rails on my virtual mac os x 10.8 in vmware workstation.

    Since I am working on a windows pc the key mapping is a bit off. So I've bought an Apple keyboard via USB to try to get the full Mac Experience

    I could remap the keys in Windows via Microsoft Keyboard Layour Creator, but VMWARE still uses the same keyboard so I probaly have to remap the keys in Mac Os X.

    I tried different tools KeyRemap4MacBook / DoucleCommander / ... nothing seems to work.

    So I'm looking for your technical advice to help me!

    My Specs:

    HP Elitebook 8770w

    VMWare Workstation 9

    Mac Os X 10.8.3

    Kind regards
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    Jan 24, 2013
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    In VMWare Fusion it is possible to map the keys so one can do this for each key that is different. It is cumbersome but once done it is perfect.

    Can't you do that in VMWare Workstation?

    If not then maybe you can try running VMWare Fusion in your Virtual Mac? Or even Parallels? Then make a VM under them with the correct key mapping. You can nest VMs...
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    Never noticed any discrepancies using Windows keyboard attached to Mac OS X running Mac OS X in Fusion VM
    All keys pass as expected (apart from some odd Java applet where I could not get \ from ANY key)