Vmware server on Server 2008+Ubuntu

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    I have a problem with my setup. I have 2 Network Cards on Server 2008 machine which is a Host machine. I have installed Ubuntu server but I want to bridge its network to the physical network card number 2 on my Host Machine (server 2008). I would like to ping the static ip of the assigned network card 2 on Server 2008 which would act as if am pinging the static IP on ubuntu. So how do I accomplish that.

    Technical part:

    Windows Server 2008 as Host:
    2 NICS.

    NIC 1 has the network of 192.168.X.X.
    NIC 2 has the network address of 193.188.Y.Y.

    Both networks can Ping each other.

    I want Ubuntu Server the Guest to has the NIC 2 address.

    I tried bridging and Host only and Natting didn't work in the Vmware's network manager.
    But I believe I have bad configuration in the vmware network manager. Anyone could help me on this.

    I want Ubuntu to get the ip of NIC 2 and act part of the 193.188.Y.Y Network, so I can join it to Windows AD.


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    Bridged is still what you need. Check your network settings again, are you sure that after a repair of your network adapter you still don't have internet? Updated the drivers for the NIC?
    If that still fails, you need to use NAT and port forwarding, as described in the manual. I assume you don't need to access MySQL from the internet, so you only need to forward port 80, and perhaps 443 if you will be serving https to the outside.
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    I am using NAT with port forwarding and it works! But I need my ubuntu server to be part of the network . I installed the vmware-tools from ubuntu open-vmware-tools and it loaded vmxnet into the modules but running ifconfig -a doesn't display the vmxnet it displays on eth0. I want eth0 to be pointed to NIC 2 on Server 2008 so it can find its way to the LAN.

    Here is my lsmod output:

    Ifconfig -a shows only eth0 which is currently on NAT.
    I want it to display the virtual networks which I could pinpoint it to the birdged physical network. Any ideas?

    Dpkg-query shows:

    ii open-vm-modules-2.6.31-14-generic-pae 2009.07.22-179896-2+2.6.31-14.48 open-vm modules for Linux (kernel 2.6.31-14-
    ii open-vm-source 2009.07.22-179896-2 Source for VMware guest systems driver
    ii open-vm-tools 2009.07.22-179896-2 tools and components for VMware guest system

    Any ideas why I can't configure eth0 to point it to the physical network address of the Host?