W8/W8.1 Tweaks/Services Diabled/Removal Tools ??

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    If you read thru the different Windows version threads here you will find out that from W7 SP1 to W10 MS has cooked in Telemetry & privacy violating services & progs.

    On the W10 front there has been a lot of developments. A lot of tools being created to disable or remove services/settings that can harvest our data. Whether it works or not is still being tested. And it will probably not be enough. And a combination of tweaks & router blocking will probably be the answer.

    Yet on the W8/W8.1 I have not seen any such tools. Maybe because some of the settings are still accessible/usable on W8/W8.1. Or it seems most are using ISO modder's like WinReducer to remove services or settings they don't want.

    The only W8/W8.1 tool I've seen that deals with some of this is the KMSAuto Net 2015 v1.3.8 Portable. (http://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/56932-KMSAuto-Net-Portable?p=1117867&viewfull=1#post1117867) It deals with some of the CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program) settings.

    But I haven't seen a tool to disable or remove services like the Win 10 S-M-R-T Enable Disable or others. Anybody know of any?

    I bought a refurbish laptop that I need to test to make sure it's fine before the return date. But I would like to test it without my data being sent out to MS. Since it's a possible return I want to just do a system restore from the Recovery partition. And I don't want to use a modded ISO since that might add bugs or problems to the test.

    Does anybody know of a tweaking tool or posts with info to use for W8/W8.1?