Way of performing clean install of Windows 8 OEM?

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    Hi everyone
    I am a Dell Community Rockstar and I have been a wiki writer in the Dell Community. My wiki Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Guides may be found here, it has A Clean Install of Windows 7, Vista and XP but only Upgrading to Windows 8 and a few other useful information:

    I am trying to find a download link which users can use to clean install their OEM Windows. There is the means to install Windows 8 with a product key and some generic product keys and the Windows 8 setup seems to accept them and then reject them by saying can't connect:

    It seems to be too difficult for Dell users in Europe to obtain media:

    We would like a download link and I have mentioned this to all my Dell contacts and posted on IdeaStorm about this:

    I have been pushing for this on the Dell end but have not had much luck so far so I need to push for it on the Microsoft end but haven't many Microsoft contats.

    Anyway there seems to be no point in writing "A Clean Install of Windows 8" if no users can get media without having to purchase a new license. Can anyone from Microsoft, Microsoft VIPs and Community Stars look at my wikies and IdeaStorm ideas and provide a viable solution so I can complete my wiki and users can clean install their OS without any preinstalled junk or have a means to reinstall their OS if all goes wrong.

    A direct link would be best because a hard drive can fail and needs replaced. Use of the upgrade advisor is okay but as it downloads 32 bit setup files on a 32 bit computer and 64 bit ones on a 64 bit computer, its not ideal as users won't have the option of the one they want to pick. e.g. if computer 1 is 32 and computer 2 (the problem computer) is 64 bit then they will run into troubles.

    With the product key residing in the BIOS piracy shouldn't be an issue if media is freely available to download. However if a legitimate source is unavailable for users to clean install with piracy will increase greatly.

    In addition the inability for users to read the product key can also be an issue for product activation in some rare cases. I suggest that Microsoft allow/make OEMS print the product key in the BIOS information as a safety net:

    I am having multiple problems on the Windows 8 front due to there being no freely downloadable .isos from Digital River. It seems users have to buy a new license/product key to download a Windows 8 .iso unless they are MSDN/Technet subscribers.

    I have tried all I can with regards to reaching out to Dell now I am trying to reach out elsewhere including here, Microsoft Answers and Windows8Forums.

    Please advise if anyone has a solution.

    P.S. the prefixes to the links will need to be added as it won't let me post with links... :(
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    Find an MSDN image of each edition (W8 Pro English US.iso,etc).
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