"We want our old Vista first gen WMM" for our Win7 OS, some of us, for sure!

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    Microsoft people? I think I can "complain" fairly:

    I've been with your OS since the first days of 3.1.

    2.5 years ago I got a mid-line HP with first-gen Vista, 32 bit.
    I quickly mastered WMM and got great results from it.
    It may not be perfect; it has no "bells and whistles", but it served me well
    for my humble, "HD" youtube viddies, in Canon HV 30 "HD".

    Horror: I bought last month a new computer, with the last of the Vista OS.
    Its WMM had been, by MS, "improved"... to the point that it really is not likable as the original WMM,

    So, I got the "free upgrade" to Win 7, hoping that its WLMM would serve. I've tried, but cannot "like it", at all.
    Now, I am suffering with "Windows Live Movie Maker". Ugh. Wish it had a TIMELINE and adjustable fades and wipes of real duration.

    I miss, I miss so much, the "time line" of old WMM and I miss the easy, varied
    special effects, and the way we could stretch and fade one scene into another,
    as slowly or quickly as desired. I could "double speed". I could wipe, etc, in ways not possible
    with WLMM.

    The titling system of WMM was a bit onery, shadowed edges on purpose,
    but that was OK enough.

    I have nothing much good to say for WLMM:
    it seems to not "render" simple "HDV" as well as the old machine and its early WMM could do.
    There's no timeline to WLMM; it's "storyboard";
    which I just hate.

    OPEN QUESTION: am not "proficient" at these things.
    Is there a way to put old-time Vista WMM onto this new Win 7, 64 bit computer?

    I really do not want to invest in overly-complex Vegas or Adobe, etc.
    but I will if that's the only way. Oh, the learning curve...am not good at that.

    OLD WMM was fine! Why did MS "dumb it down", totally discard the basic, good concepts of WMM?
    I do not plan to be doing any editing of the newer compression system files such as "H264" stuff.

    I got LIQUID motion from the old maker, even after uploading to YT, with its 15fps format there.
    I shot at 30fps on the Canon HV30 and rendered at the "highest quality for this computer.
    It was grand. I'd like that old WMM again.

    Can it be put to the new Win7 OS, 64 bit?

    Help, please? Am not very technically proficient in the jargon of this trade.
    I will need some hand holding or...realistic advice. Thanks all, thank you!

    Reid (the incompetent) Welch
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