What are your thoughts on IOT devices?

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    Am I the only one who cringes when I hear of most of the new "Innovations" in this realm?
    It seems like companies can't move fast enough to connect any device that uses electricity
    to each other. Home automation has been around since the 70's but with all the companies
    coming up with different wireless protocol's almost quarterly it's getting a little crazy.
    If you take a look around you'll see almost every (if not every, I haven't checked them all)
    protocol has been compromised at least in a proof of concept. Do the companies do anything
    about the flaw? I doubt it. Off the top of my head they worked over Philips Hue: iotworm.eyalro.net
    Plus the huge botnet attack based on the devices?
    You would think that would have the venders scrambling :eek:
    I can wrap my head around the idea that none of them saw this coming.
    How many years have there been websites devoted to networked cameras with default logins?
    You can basically watch anything you want from anywhere in the world.
    Not to mention anyone with a good antenna can drive by and see your cam feeds inside your
    business, bank etc. Every television that's coming to market now is network capable.
    Most of them have wifi inside them and run on a few proprietary os's but android seems to
    be gaining some ground. The problem is the companies only update the tv's for a limited amount
    of time. Then your apps eventually become outdated and are unusable/left for dead. The same
    thing is happening in cars. If you look at it from a mobile phone perspective, how long will the
    hardware in the car actually last for future updates?

    I can understand the desire to have control and automation from anywhere, which is why
    isp's/cable companies are starting to offer home automation/alarm/video cameras.
    Those same companies barely push updates to have your gear running at the advertised levels.

    Then we have Siri, Cortana and Alexis.:doh:
    People are actually paying to use a microphone connected to a multinational company and think
    that in some perfect universe that what they say isn't sitting on their servers?

    They used the mic and camera add-on for the Xbox360 as a surveillance device.
    "Five years after the Xbox 360's original debut, the well-received Kinect motion capture camera was released,
    which set the record of being the fastest selling consumer electronic device in history"
    That came out on 2010-11-04.

    [end ramble]
    (In fact I think you should delete this thread :D. I may have been sleep deprived when I spew it out.)
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    Jul 15, 2016
    What annoys me most is when they can't leave alone a program that works perfectly. So they have to update it, and often enough they mess it up.

    As for hardware, Murphy says:
    If it's good, they'll stop making it. (Herblock's Law)
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    Apr 4, 2017
    I actually despise the name "Internet of Things"
    If I wrote that in one of my exams I would be penalised for not being specific or actually know what I am talking about it.
    Aside from the name, I do appreciate the technology (hardware and software) that is used to enhance are lives. Even with basic stuff of asking your phone to play a song while chilling on the sofa :D