What e-mail client can replace Outlook 2013, going from hosted Exchange to iCloud/Gma

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by RamGuy, Nov 3, 2014.

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    Jun 27, 2009
    I'm moving my e-mail from hosted Exchange to either iCloud (with e-mail forwarding through my custom domain provider in order to keep using my custom e-mail address) or Gmail for Business with custom domain support.

    Reason why I'm moving off hosted Exchange is because I have one year of Office 365 Small Business Premium for free, this is ending in December and I find it too expensive for me to keep using it. I've also had issues with having my contacts in iOS through exchange as Facebook synchronisation for pictures and various other things are simply not playing along when using exchange hosted contacts and whatnot.

    And for some idiotic reason, Exchange keeps adding e-mail recipients to my contact list by default which is very annoying as my contact list keeps getting cluttered. I'm not entirely sure whether this is a actual hosted exchange thing, or it might be because I use Apple's default Mail.app in Mac OS X on my laptop and that is what makes this happening and not hosted exchange and Outlook 2013 on it's own.

    One thing I do love about Exchange it it's integration towards Outlook 2013, I for one fancy Outlook quite much. I do find it to be a very versatile, stable and comprehensive e-mail client and Outlook 2013 features a rather streamlined, efficient and modern interface.

    Moving to iCloud with e-mail forwarding, or Gmail for Business with custom domain I know from past experience that keep using Outlook 2013 is not the best idea in the world. I know there are quite a few synchronisation issues towards Gmail, and I know for a fact that it often destroys your Gmail folder naming and whatnot due to Outlook not fully supporting Gmail's folder / tagging structure and various other things.

    Getting iCloud to be fully supported is supposedly even more pain, for full access and synchronisation you must relay on Appe's own rather bad iCloud software for Windows giving you a Outlook 2013 plugin / addin which is unstable as F**k the last time I tried it out before I got my free year with hosted exchange. Contacts synchronization towards iCloud and everything was a mess to be honest.

    So I guess moving from hosted Exchange to either iCloud or Gmail for Business also means I have to move away from Outlook 2013 as my preferred e-mail client under Windows. My big question is then, what do I start using with iCloud or Gmail for Business as a replacement for Outlook 2013? I'm one of those who do not fancy Mozilla Thunderbird that much due it's rather dated design and UI.

    What other good solutions do exists which won't break synchronisation towards iCloud or Gmail for Business? I have no issue with paying for a superior e-mail client if need be. I used Sparrow back in the day and I loved it to death, but sadly it went dead upon Google purchasing the company behind it..