What info should be written in the SLP file?

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    i opened a few SLP files, they look kinda weird. It seems you can write any info as you like in this SLP file, can someone explain this? thanks a lot

    for example:

    *File name ----- *written on the file
    EPSON ----- EPSON
    Acer ----- AcerSystem
    Fujitsu ----- FUJITSU-PC
    BENQ ----- BenQHub
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    That is all the SLP is really, just a line of text to identify the manufacturer/oem.

    If you wanted to add an Asus SLP to your BIOS, you would just add ASUS_FLASH.

    The SLP is used to activate XP. To do this, you would need to find the OEMBIOS files that match the SLP string. Let's say you used ASUS_FLASH. Go to http://www.oembios.net/ and search ASUS_FLASH. The set that shows up with that line is: B20C65BF "ASUS_FLASH". This would activate your XP. :)

    You may be thinking that it is very simple, why hasn't everyone done it? Well, there are easier ways to pirate Windows XP.. namely VLKs. :p
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