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    Hi MDL,

    I am preparing a new installation of W7 on a laptop and want to use this program here called WHDownloader to download all my Windows updates without using the built in WU. I am aware of a thread can be found here http://forums.mydigitallife.net/thr...and-Windows-10-Related-Updates-from-Windows-7 about telemetry and windows 10 related updates that can be installed on my system.

    I have no way of using the CTRL+F search function on this program but does anyone know if it downloads them at all?

    Also, there are several categories on WHDownloader. General updates, hotfixes, security updates, additional updates, and extra updates. Which category is the most recommended and important to install on Windows 7 or should I download all which is about 2GB?
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    search function:
    after loading the update list, right cleck on space on bottom bar

    telemetry and windows 10 related updates:
    are gathered in sub-category Additional\Windows10
    you can skip them

    the most recommended to install:
    General, Security, Hotfix.. Additional: IE11, Features, RDP, NotAllowedOffline
    if you want/need to validate (genuine), you would need WAT

    WMF4.0 is to have PowerShell 4.0, and it needs .NET 4.5 or higher

    don't install anything from Extra, unless you actually need and know what's there updates are for
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    Features include feature/lls /LPR /NFS /MSMQ /snmp /SUA /telenetServer?