Why is there a "Ultimate_Retail" tag in the untouched RTM ISO??

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by FaiKee, Jul 25, 2009.

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    Jul 24, 2009
    I noticed that in some forum posts some people said that the ISO has a "Retail" tag, and said that this would be the same ISO on the install media when win7 hits the shelves on Oct. 22/........Well, simply put, the ISO you've got on hand is the "retail version", not the "OEM version", that's all to it.

    Starting from the XP era, when you install windows, the WPA(Windows Product Activation) program in the OS will check on 10 devices of your machine and made a record, each time you reboot,WPA check on these 10 devices just the same, if it came back with 7 [yes], all goes well, if not, WPA decides that you have put it on another machine, and would ask you to make another activation.

    - If you installed with a "Retail" version, activated with "Retail key", there is no limitation on how many times you transfer the OS to other machines, you just need to make phone activations, and the old activated OS would no longer be valid.
    - If you installed OEM and activated with an OEM key, you couldn't transfer the OS to another machine, the mobo consists at least 3 items checked by WPA, so even if you just change the mobo, you stand a very good chance of kissing your "genuine windows" good-bye.

    Also, some people wonders if the key they expect to get on Aug. 6 would work on the untouched ISO on-hand, the answer is probably "yes", because the technet download available on Aug. 6 is most probably the same ISO you've got. The technet subscription gives you Ultimate keys(I think it's 10), therefore it could only activate a Ultimate version, i.e. the version of the ISO you've got on-hand.