Why not make a poratble MS office

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    Jul 26, 2010
    Quote from blogspot.com:

    My name is Murray Reeves; I work for a consulting agency. I usually travel to different places to carry out some projects, and deal with a lot of documents and data. So I have to carry my Laptop everyday during my business trips. The most commonly used software is Microsoft Office.

    But I found there were many problems came out during the process of dealing with some documents and data, such as the electricity is the internet access is not available for my laptop. For this, I usually go to other’s computer near by, for another example, I will go to my friends to deal with some documents which are required by costumers temporary. But the version of the Microsoft Office in their computer was different from mine, or some computers even do not have Microsoft Office installed.. So I can not do anything towards with my Word and Excel files..

    These situations happened frequently, that was very inconvenient for my working life. It has plagued me for a long time. So I usually think of one thing which could not only carry all my documents, but also carry the necessarily computer programs in it to help me deal with this problem.

    Once I met one of my clients who also usually go on business trip. For his kindness, he recommended Prayaya V3 to me; he said V3 can carry all of his data, documents, and computer programs into a removable storage device. So he usually goes out without computer, and only carries a small removable hard disk. I doubted about it at first, because I thought that was impossible. But considering all the troubles I had, I decided to have a try on V3.

    I downloaded V3 firstly. I found that it was a Virtual Microsoft Windows Operating System with a size of only 6 MB; then installed it on my personal storage device. Now Microsoft Office 2003 has been installed into my V3-enabled USB storage device now.

    I also attempted to install my other habitual programs such as MSN, FileZilla, and Firefox in it, all of them run well.

    What excites me is that I can connect my V3-enabled USB storage device to the USB port of any Windows PC anywhere. I won’t worry about my office data dealing any longer. No matter on trip or at friends’, I can easy to deal with my work; no trace of my work is left behind on the host PC.It’s as if I never left home.

    It is fortunately for me to meet such a meaningful software.

    Now my daily digital life is:
    Plug V3-enabled USB storage device in any computer --> Run V3--> One key switch from host windows to V3 Windows--> Do everything I love to do and everything personal.

    That’s all of my experience sharing.

    Good luck.
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    Apr 21, 2010
    There are truly portable versions of Office 2007, but I've yet to see one for Office 2010. I'm sure it's only a matter of time.
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    Aug 26, 2009
    you can already use the Office starter version on a USB key
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    May 21, 2007
    And where do you think these portable programs unpack to they still leave data on host machines.