wierd problem with sony vegas and adobe premiere pro

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by Zeratul, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Zeratul

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    Jun 20, 2009
    i am trying to make a fan-edit of a movie. i got a copy of it, an mp4 in x264 encoding. it plays just fine in vlc and wmp. i have the k-lite codec pack installed, and ive tried to uninstall it and install the vista codec pack instead, with no difference.

    i try to import the video file into premiere to edit it. but when i do so, i have absolutely no sound in it. when i drag it into the timeline, i just have a single video file that shows up. playing it, either in preview or in the timeline view has no sound. i should have 5.1 sound (i think its aac, but it could be ac3). so i got a copy of sony vegas to try using it instead.

    when i do that, it spends a while creating a waveform (as did premiere). then when i drag the video into the timeline, i wind up with the attached pic. i can edit and play just like normal, and the audio shows up as 5.1, but it just has an hour blank spot in the middle. the waveform is blank, and there is no sound there.

    ive tried this on a win xp comp, and a win 7 comp, with the same results.

    i also tried to export the audio with xilisoft video converter. ive exported it in 5.1 aac, ac3, wav, and others, and they all have random gaps and stops. some (ac3 etc) wont even be imported into either program, they just give an error. aac and the others will import, but they only have about 20 min of audio. then they have a 20 min gap, after which they have the first 20 min repeated again, with another 20 min gap after, and that pattern til the end.
    the only sound that i can get working is 2.0 .wav export, and i would really like to have full sound quality if possible.

    so basically that's my situation, and i would be very thankful if one of you knowledgeable people could help me :eek:

    thanks in advance :)

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    PAYMYRENT MDL Developer

    Jul 28, 2009
    sony vegas supports what your trying to edit so why not use that and only that????

    ive never had any problems with any of the sony products... acid pro 7 works sound forge 9 works and i dont remember what version of vegas i have but i have no problems at all... i dont use the adobe whatever it is lol i have the klite code pack tho...
  3. Zeratul

    Zeratul MDL Junior Member

    Jun 20, 2009
    ive been trying to use vegas with the original video clip. the problem is that it imports the 5.1 audio as the attached picture. so its missing the audio from the second half of the movie.

    i only tried the xilisoft and adobe things to try and get vegas working with the video clip, or as an alternative. but they couldnt do the job either. and its not the video clip, because it plays fine, and others by different encoders import with the audio wrong as well.

    so i'm not sure if there are some settings that ive screwed up, or something wrong, but i'd appreciate suggestions.