Wifi issues with intel dual band 7265

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    Any suggestions for an intel ac 7265 that sometimes do not see 5ghz networks? and other times, when it does it only connects sometimes. The wifi in windows 10 also disables by itself. So far, I have tried the latest drivers from the mfg (lenovo) as well as intel. No luck so far.
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    There is a newer driver,, Intel shows 18.12.1 as newest. What they show on their website is never the newest out or ever in beta, the one I posted is not Beta, it's WHQL.

    Intel has been a joke with posting the update notes to most of their hardware, you never know when you see release notes, so you can see what they did to the driver/software or what bugs were fixed.

    Unless you're connecting at your house to your own wifi, you might never see a solid signal, or very close to the wifi adpt that you're trying to connect to. Depending where you are, depends on what kind of interference affect your connection.

    I'm lost to as the hardware disabling itself. Did this come with your laptop, you might want to contact Lenovo and see if a BIOS/UEFI update will help with that piece of hardware.
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