Win 10 Mail App. Autofill names from people app not working.

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by colsearle, Feb 27, 2017.

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    Stuck on this one and it's late.

    Hi people. I've done 2 clean installs tonight on a machine I'm getting ready for a customer. I have synced the people app with the customers Gmail account and the contacts are shown in the app.

    When I create a new email no autofill name/email address suggestions pop up. There are over 200 contacts in the people app. I have compared the settings and version number with my own desktop which is also syncing my Gmail contacts into the people app. The full list of contacts is shown if I click on the add contact symbol at the end of the To: field.

    I have loaded 2 accounts into the Mail app. The email addresses used in these 2 accounts are the only suggestions that do pop up.

    I have tried re-syncing and adding and removing the accounts.

    Any suggestions please - thanks

    Office 2010 Starter is installed. Not sure if that would have a bearing on it. The machine is on a local accoount. Clean installing Windows 10 Pro 14393.447.