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    Sep 10, 2015
    I have a strange problem that I haven't seen in the forum so far.
    0. HD Prime3 connected to Time Warner Cable.
    1. Win 10 Build 586.14
    2. Installed (with appropriate reboots) version 10.7, latest I could D\L
    3. Did the required installation choices as Administrator
    4. Did setup Express, (maybe should be labeled custom?)
    5. Setup loaded EPG files just fine. Got updates just like in Win 8.1, all looks good
    6. Chose a channel (thumbnail for the channel looks good) and clicked on it.
    7. Normal looking screen just before picture should open, HD Prime device shows tuner captured, Netgear shows something like "High traffic".
    8. Shortly the screen goes from normal to black and subsequently to "No tuner ....."

    And that is where I am on one machine. The other refuses to download (yes I've tried all the workaround stuff) the TV schedule setup for my area but will go ahead and complete the setup without it and I can pick any unprotected channel and view good video on it. DRM channels, no viewing.

    Any help/suggestions will and are greatly appreciated.
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    You should read, and ask in WMC thread here
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