Win 7 - loader, keys, not geniune - several short questions

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by zpa43d, Oct 7, 2010.

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    I used an All-In-One (AIO) iso - to install win 7 ultimate - I don't know how I identify the .iso to you so you know which specific installation I'm talking about - is it well known? Is it just known as the AIO installation?

    I don't know what loader is used. ANy idea how I find out?

    After an initial installation problem with "TFGHT is missing" (overcome with advice from this board) everything has been fine - I saw that the update KB971003 had been disabled.

    I did Windows update the other night (and it has worked perfectly fine until now) and opted to install something to do with Messenger but once it had downloaded and was taking me through the install I decided to leave it for now (just wanted to go and check out what all the components were - I didn't want to install something that was going to be a hog on the machines resources)

    Anyway I now have the "not genuine notice" - how do I check if the KB971003 has been installed and if that is the cause of the problem?

    I've seen instructions in a thread about overcoming that and I will go through that but I saw a link in it mentioning the "SLP key collection" - what does SLP mean?
    How do I use a key - what do you about the XXXXX's - guess something and check that it works on " - pidcheck" or is there another set of codes for the languages somewhere?

    I've seen the Daz loader mentioned - should I try getting and using it with the AIO installation I have?

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    You can check if KB971003 has been installed by opening windows update and selecting (view update history).

    You will find find the answers to your questions in The official windows 7 repository post on the main windows 7 forum page.
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    The optimal solution would be to download a clean unmodified iso (Part 1 of 4). Format and install. There's no reason to use preactivated copies these days.

    Most people however don't want to do that, if you're one of them you would eventually have to get rid of the existing activation solution, then replace it with your own. On top of that, you never know what's been put into a modified iso.

    You would eventually activate your clean Windows 7 copy using the Daz loader, or a BIOS mod of you want to go all the way - this is not required though.

    SLP means System Locked Preinstallation. SLP keys are used by the large OEMs (Dell, HP etc) to activate Windows in large quantities offline. This is the technique the loaders and BIOS mods takes advantage of.