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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Hoibie, May 26, 2015.

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    Hi -

    I was just noticing another member has posted a project to collect "Recovery Sets". Nice project - hope I can help.

    But I have this question: Doesn't Win 7 have a built in recovery off the install CD/DVD?

    Discussion: A lot of us download and create an install CDs/DVDs from a .ISO to use in installing Win 7. Many of us have the ability to incorporate the Daz Loader software on the disk making for an easy install. All fine and good.

    When it comes to using that same CD/DVD to do a Windows repair install or an upgrade install, I have had no success to date using these CDs/DVDs. So, what's the procedure and what should we do when we need to do a "repair install" of Windows? I'd like to keep a set of the properly formulated install media around in case I need it.

    Advice appreciated!


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    I don't believe there is a work around for what you are asking. To do a repair install you need a clean untouched copy of Win7 and for an upgrade I believe it would be the same. Now that you have reworked the ISO it is not clean anymore.
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    In the case of edition upgrades, for example Home Premium to Professional or Professional to Ultimate, they can not be done from the dvd or iso. The proper procedure is the "anytime upgrade" option.

    For repair install, windows is booted from hard drive as usual, then the setup program on dvd is started manually.
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    One more thing

    OK, really good info all around. I think I can do that. It needs to be an untouched "virgin" copy for the version you are working on (Ultimate, Home, etc.) right? And it needs to be at the same Service Pack level too, right?

    For repair installs though, when you say "on dvd" above, are you saying the .ISO created-by-me DVD or the "untouched" copy referred to above by another respondant?

    Thanks all so much for this useful info. Where is that Thanks Button???!!!