Win Toolkit: iso file size question (cannot get single-layer size)

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by AmigaUser, Mar 25, 2013.

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    I'm trying to create a Win 8 Pro x86-only iso installation disc, with the latest Windows updates included in a single-layer disc. Following the guides, I browse to my Win 8 Pro iso (2.38 GB) with the All-in-One Integrator, which extracts the iso contents to a folder (2.43 GB). What I see next in the Image name list is "Windows 8 Pro" and "Windows 8" entries, both over 7 GB. With or without the integration of the latest updates, the output iso is always over 7 GB. What am I doing wrong here...? Thanks.
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    To integrate updates, hot fixes, language packs etc., I'd recommend using the DISM command to integrate the update into the install.wim file. Once you have added all the updates, be sure to use the DISM /compress:max switch for maximum compression.

    More info can be found in this thread.