[Win32] SophiApp for Windows 10 & Windows 11 | | x64 | 2022

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  1. detroit

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    Oct 31, 2013
    Does this allow the following:

    1- Set Windows Update to ‘total manual mode’? That is, it only checks if the user clicks ‘check for updates’, and then that’s all it does, checks only. It does not download or install unless the user specifically selects each item to download and then install.

    Or is there only a nuclear bomb like approach, completely block Windows update from ever checking and updating?

    2- Disable Defender? I find after any update it switches back on real time protection and ignores the excluded folders and goes about deleting files in those folder into a black hole.

    3- Linux Sidebar icon, able to Disable, remove, uninstall or whatever get rid of that?

    Those are the things I care about, turning my machine on every day loosing hours to Windows update automatically downloading, installing updates, forcing me to restart then occasionally hanging forever.

    And defender removing files and annoying me with notifications.
  2. farag

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    Apr 1, 2014
    Hi. Regarding the 1 point: I do not know hot to configure such settings and do not really want to add it, because I do not see any threat to OS stability as many sites write. If you want to be insecure, that's your choice. :)
    2. There is no bug described by you. Never seen it... Something went wrong. Of course, I will never let users to disable Defender via my apps or scripts. If they want to do so, they will find the appropriate tools to do it.
    3. Why you installed a LInux distro via WSL and want to get rid of it. :D May be consider WSL disabling, no?)

    Oh, this my beloved theme: I've heard so many times that someone are tired of installing updates, they ruin their life. I still alughing out loud. Wake up Neo, Windows updates are released ONLY on the second tuesday monthly. Not every day, not every week or hour. Monthly. If there is important security issue, MS releases an extraordinary update. What else... Check does WU isntall update successfully. I bet it doesn't :). So if you have a broken WU (with a random scripts from the Internet and especially so beloved s**tty apps from morons who loves to destroy users' OS, that is not MS fault. I'm the only one who never notice when update are installed? they are just installing, I turn off PC. that's all. OS never reboots PC to install. If you postapone installing (like that CSGO streamer from the video) updates for years, do not blame MS, and better switch to macOS or Linux, or eeven TempleOS. :)