Win7 crapy profiles permanently corrupt ??

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Dreuzel, Sep 3, 2011.

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    i've installed win7 severeral times now.
    whenever I use the advised install procedure for having the /users store on a second disk .....(during win7 install)
    the profiles get corrupted and I get thrown back to temporary profiles.I detect no other install problem.

    These systems are multi user systems, so the user space isgetting rather big (unacceptable to be on the system disk)
    the procedure is straight forward and I can not find any error in the profileList.....
    Clearly I have the SID.BAK profiles every time in the registry ...
    But however I repair I always get the error back This problem makes windows 7 as a whole unusable (CRAPPY PROFILES)

    Is there a way to really get rid of this problem .....
    ps: I run my secondary ÚSERS disk on: (BRAND NEW INSTALL)
    -the same physical disk ....... disk latency can not cause the problem
    -On a different physical disk (other setup/but fails as well)
    -32 bit 64 bit same problem

    thank god I have one system where I manualy patched the profiles (and I do not have the problem on just that system!!!!) but this is the tricky not supported sollution

    All help is welcome .... this is killing me !!!!