WIn7+ Intel SSD- install trouble

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by famich, Oct 22, 2009.

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    Oct 22, 2009
    Hello guys !

    I am quite and completely fresh here, so, please ,my apologies if this is too
    easy, too "noobish " to you.

    I ve purchased a new Intel X25 M SSD and tried to install firstly Faxcool s X64 WIN 7 on that , lastly the eval Enterprise 90days version that I got.

    My problem was, that when running an ordinary Raptor before, I ve installed Faxcool s wins just fine , however , after mounting the Intel s SSD and trying to install the new installation on it, I got problems.: after the reboot
    I got the install line 2/3 to the right , three moving dots and the msg" finalizing the installation " that took forever :D

    To sum up, the installation froze and some point / installing services , USB drivers etc / after using the legit Enterprise eval version this was not the case *

    I got i920@4,1 no probs at all, 6G RAM , EVGA 295GTX - it seems to me that "something " in some fishy RTM s betas of W7 doesn t like my SSD :) , which apart from that is GREAT.

    Any hints, help is much appreciated ! Thanks in advance !