window 10 Pro Highly compressed required

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    Mar 3, 2016
    window 10 Pro (X86) Highly compressed required without survey
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    Jul 14, 2013

    That's a good one!

    Btw he meant without surveillance / telemetry LOL
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    Wrong forum section, go to MDL Windows 10 forum section for Windows 10 questions.

    For Windows 10 Microsoft has a own service for downloading Windows 10 called Techbench.
    This service is stable and can be used anywhere, but it distributes ISO's containing uncompressed install.wim (ideal for DISM through).

    Another option which will give you installation disks containing a compressed install.esd is to use the MediaCreationTool, but it can only be used from Windows.
    This solution is the one you want, it will give highly compressed Windows 10 ISO's. Also a option for x86 and x64 on one ISO. (ESD is not ideal for DISM though).

    For your question about survey.... It is a bit unclear.
    But if you mean privacy, well since your dealing with a closed source platform by a company like Microsoft, you will never be free from surveillance as long as you use Windows and the internet.
    Yes we can try remove some services and use the LSTB version, but that would simply give you the illusion that your system is free of that crap.
    Unless you read the source, it is pretty hard to know what Windows really does with your data unless you try sniff all network packets and reverse engineer executables behaviour.
    You could block all network connections Windows makes to the web except the ones you want to connect to, but what about time synchronization, Updates, Online Accounts, Outlook email, etc.
    Also the ISP can see all the IP adresses you connect to. Unless you use Tor, but then the last random node could theoretically see all your webpages (unless you use HTTPS/TLS) and connections. The ISP will still know you use TOR or a PROXY.
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