Windows 10 Enterprise G Reconstruction Project

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    Windows 10 CMIT Government Edition

    Windows 10 CMIT Government Edition is based on Windows 10 operating system. It is aimed at Chinese government departments and critical infrastructure sectors, providing to them a secure, reliable and technically advanced computing platform, so that customers can make the full use of new features and new technologies involved in Windows 10, and make themselves ready to address their business challenges and constantly increasing security needs. Windows 10 CMIT Government Edition includes strict outgoing data control, update and activation of localized version in China, and the corresponding all-around services. It is an ideal choice for government departments and customers operating in critical infrastructure sectors.

    Major changes

    Windows 10 Shenzhou Letter Government Edition (CMGE)is a customized version of an operating system developed on the basis of Windows 10, in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, and standards of the Chinese profession, in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese professional field.

    1) Product activation

    The activation of cmGE products is based on Windows 10 development, and the activation server is located in the Shenzhou Net-sin Data Center in China.

    2) System patches and upgrades

    The system patches and upgrade servers for CMGE products are located in China and are provided by Shenzhou Net-sin Technology Co., Ltd.

    3) Digital Certificate

    CMGE has built-in root certificates from the Chinese government-designated digital certification authority.

    4) GB/T 30278-2013
    CMGE's system default security settings meet the requirements of GB/T 30278-2013"Information Security Technology Government Computer Terminal Core Configuration Specification"

    5) System streamlining

    Remove/disable Windows-owned office classes, personal assistant classes, entertainment life apps, and cloud-based services:

    a. The following apps/services have been removed:
    Weather, Get Help,GetStarted, Messages,OfficeHub,Microsoft SolitaireCollection, Hybrid Reality Viewer,OneNote,People,Print 3D, PurchaseApp, Wallet, Alarms and Clocks, Connections, Feedback Center, Maps, Store,Xbox ,, Groove Music, Movies and TV,Edge,Quick Assist, Windows ToGo, and more.

    b. The following apps/services are disabled:
    Cortana, WindowsDefender,AdministrationShares,Fax andScan,WindowsHello, Remote Desktop,ApplicationManagement,Connected User Experiences andTelemetry, Netlogon,Performance Logs andAlerts,Windows Security Center Services,Desktop Desktop Services User Mode PortRedirector,Problem Reports and Solutions Control PanelSupport, Windows Error ReportingService,Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant, and more.

    New features

    Windows 10 Shenzhou Trust Government Version v2020-L and V0-H and V0-G have the same foundation and architecture, with more new features:

    1) Integrated national standards of the commercial secret algorithm SMx (SM2, SM3, SM4);
    2) Support for VDI(virtual desktop infrastructure);
    3) Support for Intel 10 generation processors;
    4) Integrated self-research online upgrade / update system;
    5) Offline activation of new support for iOS devices;
    6) Added "Screenshots and Sketches," "Recorder,""StickyNotes,""DesktopAppinstaller"and other applications;
    7) Enable "Local Search" to make it easier for users to find local apps or files;

    8) Enable the Find Settings function in the Settings interface;

    9) New optional features online, offline installation, including .Net Framework 3.5, etc., see OPK_HOWTOfordetails.

    General description

    1) Minimum system requirements:

    Processor: 1 GHz and above x64 compatible processor

    Memory: 2GB and above

    Hard drive : must contain at least one non-removable hard drive,20GB and more free space

    Graphics: DirectX 9 and above supported

    Monitor: 1024 x 768 resolution and above

    Network: Must include at least one network connection option, such as a Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapter

    2) CMGE V2020-L or hardware drivers that do not contain a small number of computers, please obtain it from the computer's provider after installation.
    3) Remote desktop and file sharing is turned off by default in CMGE V2020-L, and group policy needs to be set up if you need to turn it on.
    4) Camera and Microphone are not available under the factory default application privacy policy.

    5) Container Image Manager and Windows Defender Application Protection cannot be turned onfrom Enable or Turn Off WindowsFeatures.
    6) The way to back up the recovery key "Save to a Microsoft Account" is not available during the process of enabling Bitlocker.
    7) Keeping personal files cannot be completed by "Shift plus restart"-"Reset this computer" - and if you need to keep personal files, please enterfrom "Settings"- "Update and Security" - "Recovery" - - .gt;

    Known issues

    1) Chinese username cannot be used during the initial use experience(OOBE);
    2) During cmGE, a dialog box like "Need a new app to open this ms-get-started" may pop up, please ignore this message.
    3) During the First Use Experience(OOBE), the activity history will not be valid on the Settings Activity History page, regardless of whether you select Yes or No.

    4) Some of the feature buttons listed in the system may be retained in the "Major Changes 5) System Thine" but these buttons are not available; , Cortana,WindowsDefender,WindowsHello, Remote Desktop,Edge, People, Maps, and more.

    5) Due to the BitLocker status,sysprep may not work properly on some models;

    Upgrade to CMGE V2020-L

    1) Currently, CMGE V2020-L only supports upgrading from CMGE V0-G or V0-H to that version;
    2) 支持离线升级和在线升级,详情请参见快速指南关于升级部分的描述;

    3) 升级前至少需要20GB可用磁盘空间;
    4) 从CMGE V0-G或V0-H升级至CMGE V2020-L后,一些新增功能可能会缺失,如新增应用、在升级前版本中已禁用的特性等。
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    Sounds like LTSC but with store.
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    Jun 11, 2017
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    whats the serial to get V2020-L edition? :eek:
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    I remember doing this maybe a year ago or longer.There was a long thread on how to do it.It was a fun project.Going to try this as well.
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    This thread is about converting Pro to Enterprise G for educational purposes, and in future about recreating other hardly available/not publicly available editions. This thread is not about getting Chinese Windows 10 Government Edition which is heavily modified. Further offtopic posts will be reported.
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    Applied KB453550 to mounted image. But, of course it doesn't install. :confused:
    Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
    Version: 10.0.19541.1000
    Details for image : G:\Important_Stuff\Commands\Conversions\ESD2WIM\install.wim
    Index : 1
    Name : Windows 10 Enterprise G build 19041.1
    Description : Windows 10 Enterprise G build 19041.1
    Size : 14,277,088,925 bytes
    WIM Bootable : No
    Architecture : x64
    Hal : <undefined>
    Version : 10.0.19041
    ServicePack Build : 21
    ServicePack Level : 0
    Edition : EnterpriseG
    Installation : Client
    ProductType : WinNT
    ProductSuite : Terminal Server
    System Root : WINDOWS
    Directories : 18398
    Files : 84838
    Created : 07/12/2019 - 6:20:48 am
    Modified : 14/01/2020 - 6:13:13 pm
    Languages :
            en-US (Default)
    The operation completed successfully.
    Press any key to continue ...
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    Sep 16, 2018
    That was @xinso . He was a lot of fun. He must have left.