Windows 10 Features on Demand

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    Windows 10 features on demand are additional feature options available through Windows Update. This download allows organizations to pre-configure Windows 10 installation software with these features prior to deployment. This download can also be used to install features from local media.

    File Name: en_windows_10_features_on_demand_x64_dvd_6846440_.iso
    Languages: English
    SHA1: 5B1050FD0B7502207FF2C22E08E02662A62C3473

    File Name: en_windows_10_features_on_demand_x86_dvd_6848469.iso
    Languages: English
    SHA1: 677B3ACDC5574A000A5A49CED85B7D96228F4474

    What Edition is this... anyone downloaded and tested this one