Windows 10 selected Pro Edu on OEM laptop during clean install

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by patkim, Aug 24, 2018.

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    In fact I have 2 related questions. Would be great to seek clarity on this.

    Recently I did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro v1709 on my laptop that was shipped with Windows 10 Pro OEM.

    I decided to do it because original OEM version was v1511, I wanted a system without bloatware's and also patch it for Spectre & Meltdown protection.

    If I correctly remember the earlier Windows 10 OEM shipped with laptop was Windows 10 Pro as seen in System settings.
    I had created v1709 ISO sometime back using MCT when it was released then, so I used it to do a clean install on my same laptop.

    I had set up ei.cfg in such a way that I get an option to choose the Edition during install and I did select Windows 10 Pro correctly.

    Install went very well and now after automatic activation when I see the System details it says Windows 10 Pro Education version.

    How original Pro version on its own did change to Pro Education? The OEM key in UEFI was the same in both instances.

    ...And what is the exact difference between Windows 10 Pro & Pro Edu?

    I have searched the net but not getting an exact idea on this.
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    Most laptops i see come with 10 Home.

    Could you run the QT from here: and post the saved report txt here in tag code.
    That would tell us all we need to know about the hardware/software.

    Afaik, 1511 is out of service, no new fixes and no microcode updates available.
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    The way for RS4/RS5/RS6 to install a targeted SKU on OEM device is to remove License packages of unwanted SKUs.