Windows 10 Upgrade Dilemma

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by pharoa, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. pharoa

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    Aug 3, 2009
    Hi folks, long time member, first time poster, so please forgive me anything stupid I say or do.

    I am asking for thoughts, suggestions, advice or any ideas on how I should proceed. I am posting this because not only am I seeking advice, but I strongly believe I am not the only one in this particular situation and wondering how to proceed.

    Having said this, this is my situation. I currently own an HP Envy PC with a legitimate pre-installed copy of Windows 8 Core when purchased that was later upgraded to 8.1 legitmately. However, I wanted bitlocker and some other cool things that Windows 8/8.1 Pro had to offer. I recently used a pirated key in the windows anytime upgrade feature to obtain this which turned my legit system to a pirated one and I had to use toolkit to activate it.

    So here is the thing, I received the windows 10 upgrade alert and I am already reserved to receive a copy. But, I have read that pirated copies will be able to upgrade but will have a watermark or such. So I obviously don't want this. I figure I have a few options.

    1) I can refresh or reset back to my legitimate windows 8
    2) I can wait till Windows 10 is RTM, upgrade and see if the watermark appears or not and then handle it from there.

    My concerns are these:

    Refreshing and/or reinstalling means I gotta got through all this time and hassle of reverting back, then upgrade to 8.1 and all the windows updates release ever since and not to mention reinstalling all my MS office and other apps. sounds like hours of unpleasantness.

    If I wait and see if the watermark appears or not, how will reverting back to windows 8 and back to windows 10 workout, since it will be windows 10 pro and if i got back to my windows 8.1 core will that become suspect with MS? Maybe I am thinking to much into it.

    Anyways, I think I had some other thoughts and concerns but I got distracted and I can't remember now. Anyhow, I think I have said enough to explain the situation and if anything I missed please address them.

    So, what are all your thoughts, suggestions, advice and ideas on this...

    thank you all for your time.
  2. Snuffy

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    Jan 7, 2008
    I to have a HP ENVY 15T-J000 - Core then 100% Legit Retail 8.1 Pro. then Genuine MAK Key to Enterprise.
    first thing- SLMGR - UPK then reboot, and it should go into watermark unactivated.
    then turnoff internet and slmgr -ipk retail key. (since i have a list of 155 Retail Keys.)
    then reboot and internet on..... wait as see... I'm not sure but I think Window 8.1 will downgrade to Pro....
    (need to test this) and then if that works all my programs will be entact, and then try to find a Retail Key to Activate.
    takes time, and worth the play an see for me...
    (If all else fails) Restore back to OEM then upgrade to Pro ...

    This is for Tomorrow to see.
  3. pharoa

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    Aug 3, 2009
    LOL!!! This is a perfect example of why I never post anything...I always think to myself that I have an amazing problem or situation that others are also experiencing. So I post thinking that it will be a real hot thread and of course it never is...hahahaha This has happened to me on other forums and the main reason why I'm a forum lurker.

    Thank you Snuffy for your reply...I appreciate it. :worthy::rolleyes::biggrin::clap:
  4. e1D

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    Mar 24, 2015
    I say wait for Windows 10 to be released and then decide. I'm sure there will be workarounds for pirated copies but I don't think Microsoft would acknowledge it.
  5. brownimfc

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    Jan 25, 2015
    :eek:Ooh er matron
  6. kelorgo

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    Oct 29, 2012
    In my opinion, still too little is known about how upgrading to Win 10 will go from technical point. Will there be new product key? Hardware hash? What happens to pirate copies? How will activation work? There isn't enough concrete technical information yet.

    Because of these uncertainties, don't worry about it yet and don't upgrade immediately. When Win 10 is officially released, give the experts a couple of weeks to tinker, then they will be able to answer. Until then, hang tight... there is a whole year for the free upgrade.
  7. ZaForD

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    Jan 26, 2008
    @ pharoa,
    This is just my guess, so apply salt liberally :p

    I can't see the Windows 10 install being much different from the Windows 7/8.x installs.
    So somewhere in the process it will scan the BIOS/UEFI for either a 'KEY' or a 'SLIC' and will use that as the basis of the update i.e. Legal/Illegal Home/Pro. (SLIC will probably also ask for COA/Key)

    If that's the case, I'd say you'd get a legal update to Windows 10 Home.
    But, it may be 'marked' as suspect. :confused:

    I just love the idea of these guys working on activation hacks for a 'Free' OS. :p
  8. Yen

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    May 6, 2007
    IMHO the easiest way would be to release a generic upgrade key for each version of w10.
    No individual serials are actually needed.

    M$ then performs checks on the OS which asks for upgrade and if one qualifies the current 'hardware hash' builds together with the generic serial the installation ID which gets a confirmation ID on their server.
    No M$ account would be needed (upgrade from w7)...
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  9. whwebsolutions

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    Jun 1, 2015
    I had Ent KMS and I used this tool to go down to Pro, then used one of my retail keys. Everything is fully ready for Windows 10. Just make sure you use a MSDN or WZR RTM ISO when switching. I tried a few update integrated versions and it all gave me an error. Also for some reason any ISO I used that has SWIM's gave me an error, hence me having to use an RTM version from MSDN or WZR.

  10. Don

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    Jul 29, 2009
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    The ISOS in that link are Retail/OEM so for example if you got Core when you bought the machine and the imbedded key is Core and you install the Core version of the ISO it will actvate automatically. If you install the Pro version and the embedded key is Core it will ask you for a key. Oh, and if you have multiple copies of windows on the same machine either through multiple partitions or VM guests it will also ask you for a key but then you can just use phone activation for the subsequent copies if need be.