Windows 7 Directory Error.

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    Jun 9, 2010
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    I have Windows 7 Ultimate N

    When i try install InfiniteRearm4

    The installation goes fine.

    Then the step 2 is

    2) Press F8 at boot then Select "Repair your computer"
    3) Enter your language and logon info
    4) When the System Recovery window opens look for where it says "Operating System: windows 7 on (C:) Local disk" and notice if it says (C:), (D:), or (E:)
    5) Then select Command Prompt and type either "c:reset", "d:reset", or "e:reset" (without quotes) and press enter
    When i goto the fourth step i see that it shows my Windows in drive j:

    But in my pc there isnt any j: drive....

    Windows has been working fine from 4 months.

    Can i now change j: drive to c: drive..

    Please help Me

    I am new here so if its in the wrong place then mods please forgive me
  2. xaver

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    Mar 8, 2010
    Important is that you start RESET on the partition where Windows 7 is. Nothing else. If you have a multiboot and lets say XP is running on C: and W7 resting on Z: you could run RESET on Z: This from XP without even booting into the repair environment (no need for the W7 installation disk then).

    So look where you have W7 and start it there.
  3. rahulkucheria

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    Jun 9, 2010
    I just have one os in c:/ drive but in repair mode screen it shows that its in j:/
  4. xaver

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    Mar 8, 2010
    Just try it - the partition letters move because of the CD. You cannot damage anything if there is no other W7 installation on a different partition active.
  5. Phazor

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    Sep 1, 2009
    AFAIR (and feel free to correct me) the Repair Mode shows the drive letters in a strictly logical fashion, namely incrementing from Drive0-Partition0 to the last Partition on the last Drive, after which follow the OpticalDrives.


    Suppose PC has 3 HDDs and each HDD has 3 Partitions.

    Suppose we also have 2 OpticalDrives attached.

    Now since the lettering follows the rules "First device on the controller gets the first letters" and "HDDs before ODDs":

    1st HDD Device
    Drive0-Partition0 = C:
    Drive0-Partition1 = D:
    Drive0-Partition2 = E:

    2nd HDD Device
    Drive1-Partition0 = F:
    Drive1-Partition1 = G:
    Drive1-Partition2 = H:

    3rd HDD Device
    Drive2-Partition0 = I:
    Drive2-Partition1 = J:
    Drive2-Partition2 = K:

    1st ODD Device
    OpticalDrive0 = L:

    2nd ODD Device
    OpticalDrive1 = M:

    ...and so forth.

    This means if Windows is installed on Drive2-Partition1 (which actually means the second partition on the third drive) it would show as C: when Windows is running while it becomes J: when the lettering is being applied according to the devices positions at the controller.
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