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    I'm not computer savvy thus I need some help in installing Windows 7 even after reading the repository section. I've downloaded the Ultimate RTM version of Windows 7 32 bit for my HP notebook which operates with Vista currently. I just wanted to ask if its mandatory to use the loaders to activate my copy of Windows. Can't I just use the OEM keys, enter them and activate it (Just not sure if the loaders will mess up my bios)? As well, since HP laptops are loaded with a bunch of useless software, I'm planning to clean install. However, I'm not sure how do I still keep my recovery partition for HP (or if I need to as I have created the recovery disks a while ago). My notebook is also touchscreen, thus will the touch screen features still work on Windows 7? my laptop came with pre-loaded touchscreen software. Also, if I clean install programs like HP health check and etc, which download driver updates, they will be deleted, thus will the Windows Updates for Windows 7 keep my PC running efficiently or do I still need to manually download the driver updates? Thanks.
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    if you have a recovery partition only format your C drive then it will leave your recovery partition intacked, and you only can use oem keys if you have a bios that has slic 2.1 if your laptop come with vista it will only be slic 2.0, but you should be able to find a modded 2.1 bios for you laptop just do a search for it under your bios type here , if not post a Request here, and your touch screen features should work fine windows update will download the drivers if you need them
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    If I'm not mistaken, some newer notebooks with Vista might have a 2.1 SLIC.
    You can use Everest Ultimate to check your SLIC version. Read how to here.

    If you have a 2.1 SLIC you're all set to install Windows 7 and just use an OEM key.
    Otherwise, you can get a BIOS Mod or just use a loader.
    As for the Touchscreen stuff, I'm not sure. Windows 7 has support for touchscreens so you might be good to go, but try to find a download before you format incase you end up needing it, so you'll know where to find it.
    The stuff like HP Healthcheck is basically just bloatware. Windows has it's own update softare that can be configured to check for and download updates however you want it.
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    first off. if you dont intend on returning to vista, you can delete the recovery partition and free up disk space.

    i deleted my recovery partitition but i also made the recovery disks which i can use if needed to return to vista. not likely :D

    is your nbook the touchsmart tx2 series?

    go to hps site and look for the newest bios for your nbook, if it dated in the last 2 months its highly likely that once you update you will have slic 2.1

    then its very easy to activate win7 ;)