Windows 7 KB3125574-v4 integrated ISO?

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    Hey guys,

    I'm a bit confused, Microsoft never released anything like that? :g:
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  2. Alright, thank you much. :)

    I remember this site, but for any unknown reason I always needed to login for view any other releases.
    However now it works great and can access all, click on details and all information are there, - so it have to be.

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    there are home brews created by some of the guys here at mdl. usually they would be AIO's etc. those i would trust aswell as trusted sources, friends or rellies etc.
  4. Yea, I planning to do it by myself, but its always a complicated thing:
    - For some Updates you need other Updates first, which exactly order for get all is need?
    - Which tool/method is the best, what about LDR, after it what you can remove/clean exactly?
    - Last time I tried this with a win7 image, any like 600 updates, tokes hours and then it crashed.

    So, better to have a clean basic source like these for win10 now. :)

    I had read something about that homebrews are forbidden to post here, or you mean via PM?
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    i have an ntlite home user license, but even in free mode ntlite will integrate updates. other tools and methods are availible.

    you need 4 files/updates.

    Windows6.1-KB3020369-x64xx.msu - servicing stack.

    Windows6.1-KB3125574-v4-x64xx.msu - the big kahuna.



    the last 2 are needed even though they integrate last with ntlite.

    it will say there is a missing prerequisite because 1 file has been superceeded. i forget which. those 4 will update your chosen edition. they were correct shortly after 3125574's release.

    you will need newer updates if you wish to add them, but the 4 above are the minimum to take your iso to unofficial sp2 level.

    total time - to extract iso contents, mount with dism or similar tool, integrate updates, save changes, create iso and unmount is around 30 minutes. using roughly 270 updates instead of 3125574 takes over 2 hours.

    BUT - WARNING, 3125574 also adds telemetry related updates, aswell as new features etc.

    for me, that is not an issue. it may be for you.
  6. Same here. :)
    (btw the only software in my whole life I actually bought.)

    Some Information is also to find in the repository testfiles WDownloader, but still confusing.

    I have here these in my "before"-folder:

    One of them is need before sp2 for IE11 after.

    Before I always used WinToolKit for integrating, because I have no idea if NTLite does LDR branche, too.
    Integrate the separate updates takes shorter time as the big one itself? I thought it will be invert, nice one.
    I do anyway remove any related telemetry after the image is ready, but I think about right now maybe just include all other separate instead of sp2.

    Thank you!
    I will take a look next week I guess, some stuff coming this weekend...
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    Buying software? I'm reporting this post. Expect to be BANNED!!!
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    i will post the definitive list to integrate ie11 if you want, or a link to to the guide itself :cool:
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    buy software? mwahahahaha
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    ive no idea about the gdr ldr dlr lhr dhl nsa gchq thing. ntlite takes whatever i shove in it. i use mbsa to scan for needed updates.
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    ntlite and wintoolkit both use dism for update integration.

    for removals, ntlite has its own custom removals engine. that is why you have a much greater choice in component removals compared to wintoolkit.