Windows 7 Loaders and EISA partition

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    I have brought up this post as I have not seen any threads that brought up this topic.
    I need to be enlightened on this.
    My laptop came with a recovery partition which is EISA configured. If I were to install a loader (Daz, omdhar, Hazar etc.), would it someway mess the boot information or even modify the EISA partition (the recovery partition also have bootmgr)? What are also the chances that the loaders would not work? and even mess the laptop? Would I still be able to access the recovery partition by F10 after the loader was installed?
    Thanks for the help
    P.S. The EISA partition is not marked active and is invisible in Windows, except disk management, of course. It is just simply (EISA Configuration). All those boot, system, active etc. are in Drive C:. The EISA is also partition 0,0)

    I asked omdhar abou this but he did not clarify much about it.
    Sorry for the bad English and also being a newbie here.