Windows 7 now has slow internet speeds all of a sudden...

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Furbz, Mar 7, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    I hope someone can help me with this problem that has me tearing my hair out for a week now.

    Have a LAN with 3 pcs connected to it. PC1 #1 is mine and runs win 7, but recently the dload speeds from my ISP have dropped to about 4mb/s )on this pc only) from an average of 40mb/s. This happened all of a sudden last week. The other 2 pcs in the LAN, one is running win 7 and the other XP. Both are dloading at approx 40-45 mb/s. I am running a 50MB line with Virgin Media in UK.

    I have reset the tcp/ip stack ( I think correctly), no difference. Have changed cables between pc and router (a Dlink 615), no change. Have swapped CAT 5E cables to different ports on router, still no difference. It feels like there is something broken in my Win 7 setup as the other pcs are seeing each other fine and the transfer speeds between them are all ok, about 10-11mb/s.

    I did notice earlier that the transfer speeds between the other pcs and mine are as low as 800 kb/s. Normally on my 100mbit LAN I would expect it to be about 10-11 mb/s. This has gone from about 100k/bs a few days ago when i changed my cable over to a new one from my pc to the router.

    Oh, and maybe the killer...set up a Linux home server (ClearOS 5.1) on a different pc last week, which have since switched out of LAN as having teething troubles...this was giving me 100 kb/s xfer speeds too...maybe setting this up pooched my tcp/ip settings?

    Dunno, grasping at straws really. Really have tried to sort this out for the last week now...HELP!. Came here as got some great help in setting up Win 7 with boot loader..cough..and really wanted to use Windows Home server rather than Linux. However, got some great tips on WHS setup...if I can get my main pc up and running anytime soon with proper LAN/dload speeds.

    Thanks for the time taken to read my's even affecting my Druid healing in 25 man raids..errrr...

    ***Edit*** I've just routed modem to pc direct which shows correct dload speeds of approx 42mb/s...hmmm....if it's the router then why are the other pcs that are hooked to the router getting correct speeds, yet mine is not ??. I have also changed router to older Buffalo one (all hard wired) and still low on the dload speeds on my pc..ok what gives?? HELP!!

    ***2nd Edit*** Forgot to mention I have a dual boot on my pc - Win 7 and Vista. When I booted into Vista this morning, voila correct dload speeds (with and without router) it's Windows 7 and router settings. No further forward but have eliminated another avenue.

    Thanks for looking.
  2. Furbz

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    Mar 7, 2010
    Thanks for looking guys, eventually got it sorted. Set NIC card settings to autodetect instead on full or half duplexing...problem sorted.:biggrin:
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    These things have a habbit of being something simple...... glad you fixes it. :)
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