Windows 7 reaches Build 7070 and More to Come

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    Screenshots of build 7070 have leaked, but Microsoft has also already compiled build 7071 and build 7072. Apparently Redmond is getting ready to choose an RC-Escrow build.

    Two days ago, details of Windows 7 build 7068 leaked. Now, screenshots of build 7070 have arrived, and the story goes a little something like this: "I just came back from Microsoft, since my Dad works there. He works for in the SQL server division and here are some screenshots I took about the new build 7070. I don't know if there is anything new to this build, but they installed it yesterday, so it probably will be leaked soon. They said it was a major update; maybe not to the user interface but more to the Kernel. Just letting you guys know :p"

    Of course, there's no "major update to the kernel" but the screenshots do look legitimate. You can see the others at Facepunch forums. I've also done a little digging and found a few build strings since 7068:

    * 6.1.7069.0.winmain.090323-1630
    * 6.1.7070.0.winmain.090324-1853
    * 6.1.7071.0.winmain.090326-1750
    * 6.1.7072.0.winmain.090327-1845