Windows 7 Ultimate from Vista Ultimate on HP machine not working (Upgrade)

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by kanan, Oct 30, 2009.

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    Hello to all:

    I'm having a problem activating Windows 7 on an HP machine and I could use expert advice right about now.

    I performed an upgrade of Windows 7 from Windows Vista Ultimate (not a clean install) so that I didn't have to spend hours reinstalling all my programs again.

    Because I hit upgrade, setup of course did not ask me for the edition to installed--it just installed 7 Ultimate.

    After installing the HP-Compaq xrm-ms license, 7 will not accept any of the four Ultimate keys (from other OEM's).

    According to many threads the key doesn't need to correspond to the OEM vendor, just the certificate. It doesn't work, though.

    I know the computer supports SLIC 2.1 because the original system that came with this machine is Windows Vista Ultiimate.

    I suppose I can wait 120 days by rearming until someone finds an HP Ultimate key, but has anyone had this similar situation and knows what I'm doing wrong? If so, is there a workaround?

    Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Make sure that the BIOS has Slic 2.1 in it?

    If it came with Vista then I believe you would need to flash the BIOS with the latest updated version. My HP came with Vista but didn't have 2.1 in it I had to upgrade the BIOS with and update found on the Vista drivers section on HP's site. Check there. Have you done that?

    This might help
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    Windows Vista used SLIC 2.0, this is not compatible with Windows 7. You need SLIC 2.1 which is compatible with both 7 and vista. Your BIOS may have SLIC 2.1 though, you need to check using the SLIC Dump Toolkit ( You go into the Advance tab, then in the SLIC Diagnosis area it will have a version box. This should say either 2.0 or 2.1 :)

    If it says 2.0 then you will need to check the HP website for any BIOS updates, they may have released one containing a SLIC 2.1 table.. if not then you will have to search this forum for a mod (or request one) :p

    Also, how are you entering the key? Remember this is offline activation, it requires you to use an application or go into command prompt to install it. The command and everything else you need to know should be in the repository (