Windows 8.1 Fastboot shutdowns at boot logo[SOLVED]

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    EDIT: Solved. I updated Intel IRST drivers and it work again. I hope this might help someone else with the same problem


    When i boot my UEFI laptop, the laptop shuts down. then when i boot again it boots without fastboot.

    I have changed drivers turned fastboot off than on again , ran sfc scannow. it gave me an error that is cannot repair files i have posted the log at google drive link. Are there any other logs i should loot at

    can someone help me or point me in the right direction to fix the issue. Without fastboot the boot times are very slow

    drive(dot)google(dot)com /file/d/0B4B601rxiqxgMHpadUxHM2pkdnc/view?usp=sharing