Windows Activation Problem After Restoring Image

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by syga, Jul 28, 2018.

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    Hello all,

    I originally installed Windows 10 a few years back from Windows 7, during the free upgrade program.

    Recently, I used Macrium Reflect to restore a Windows 10 Pro image. It went from Windows version 1803 back to 1703? After that, I lost my Windows activation. There was no hardware change and no Microsoft account name change. I tried googling the problem but failed. I kept getting error code 0xC004F034. Tried calling Microsoft, they said I need to buy a new key.

    I know that MTK would have worked at the end, but since the system was previously activated the Microsoft way, I thought that there was something else screwy.

    I let 1703 update itself back to 1803, which took at least 1 hour. It activated itself during the update and everything is working fine again.

    Question: Is there anyway to backup and restore the the digital license, so this doesn't happen again restoring an image?

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    It cannot be backed up locally,that's why it is called digital license.It seems to be an issue with macrium so better check their support forum.