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    SOLUTION: See below after commentary ;)


    I bought and paid for my copy of Windows 8.1 Pro and also I paid for Windows Media Center Edition. As a paying customer, I was entitled to receive my free upgrade to Windows 10 in exchange for my Windows 8.1 license (because that's what it is, an exchange). As a paying customer of Windows Media Center Edition (proof of purchase see screenshot), I was entitled to do the same for Windows DVD App (exchange my license for a free copy).



    For whatever reason I and others did not get that exchange as promised.

    Microsoft was no help at all.

    In fact I experienced one support agent who told me that if I wasn't happy, I could go back to Windows 8.1. Well I was 'happy' with Windows 10 and had exchanged my Windows 8.1 license for it. I was only trying to do the same with my Windows Media Center License that I paid for and was entitled to do as a paying customer.

    Completely telling me to 'pound sound' and the hell with whatever promise Microsoft made publically to people like me, who owned a copy of Windows Media Center and yet for whatever reason never received the Windows DVD App that we were promised in exchange for our Media Center License that we paid for.

    Never tell your customer to 'pound sand', because some of us will pound it, turn that sand into glass, keeping pounding it into coal, and eventually sh*t out a diamond. Here is my diamond, Microsoft.


    1. Download from Windows Update:

    2. Make 2 directories, c:\temp and c:\temp2

    3. Extract the windows10.0-kb3081704-x64.msi file from downloaded cabinet file into c:\temp

    4. Open command prompt as admin and type (or copy/paste this):

    msiexec /a c:\temp\windows10.0-kb3081704-x64.msi /qb TARGETDIR=c:\temp2

    5. Open PowerShell as admin and type (or copy/paste this, all one line):

    Add-AppxProvisionedPackage -Online -PackagePath c:\temp2\InstallDVDAppxPackage\cd0c0ffe0ee94518833e70b1e931fcff.appxbundle -LicensePath c:\temp2\InstallDVDAppxPackage\cd0c0ffe0ee94518833e70b1e931fcff_License1.xml

    Congratulations, you now have Windows DVD App as promised. :)

    p.s. This is why I joined My Digital Life :D