Windows Home Server OEM Activation Questions...

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    WHS use SLP 1.0 like XP and Server 2003.

    WHS can use the same OEMBIOS files as Server 2003, but different SLP keys.

    Any large OEM manufacture machine like Dell, HP, Compaq, etc
    already have SLP info in the bios from the factory if they came with Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, or Server 2008.

    DOS based DMI editors can be used to manually update a bios DMI SLP string. Keep in mind that Dell SLP 1.0 and some others require SLP data in areas of the bios that DMI editors ive seen cant write to and thus require the bios to be modded.

    HP SLP only requires DMI SLP info in the bios so that is the best way to go as you dont need to mod or flash the bios, just use DMI tools in pure DOS (bootable cd with DMI tools ) to add the HP string and use HP oembios files in your setup disk that matches the SLP bios info.
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    Hi, your bios already have the string ("Dell System") necessary to activated WHS or server 2003, so you just need oemfiles and serial.
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