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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by karlywarly, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Aug 3, 2010
    Hi Everyone

    Im hoping someone can help me here.

    Ive been following the windows 7 OPK videos from the microsoft partner network on how to deploy windows 7 and im a bit unsure on a few things.

    Im completely confused about how to create the distribution share, where i get the out-of-box drivers from (and if i actually need them for components such as an Nvidia GFX card and onboard sound) and the $OEM$ folder.

    I have had a look on the microsoft website about this and it doesnt really give me an insight to this neither the windows 7 OPK videos.

    I have tried to followed the tutorial to create a test of deploying all this and would like to use the ficticious brand fabrikam.

    Im unsure if i have all the correct files in the correct folders files such as:
    • backgrounddefault.jpg
    • fabrikam.jpg
    • fabrikam_eula.rtf
    • offer1.bmp
    • oobe.xml
    • usertile.bmp

    I have all these files in the following directory on my hard drive which is:

    C:\Users\Karl\Desktop\Distribution Share\$OEM$ Folders\$1\Windows\System32\oobe

    Im hoping someone can save my sanity as im at a complete loss now

    Thanks in advance:)