Windows PE USB Drive

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by qrisjin, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. qrisjin

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    Jan 12, 2009
    I want to create a USB drive with Windows PE on it. I want to use it as a diagnostic/repair tool. The problem is that I can't find any how-to's or walkthroughs on how to customize Windows PE. I have Windows AIK but the documentation that comes with it is too general. They tell you how to create a base image and go on to vaguely "add applications" to the image. How do you exactly add applications to Windows PE? I would like to add things like Word and Excel, Recovery tools of my choosing, or whatever. I would like them to show up in the start menu of PE. Anyone know of some How-To's that cover this subject?
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    Nov 3, 2008
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