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    Hi all:

    so, here I am with a very interesting question; how can I set up a simulation of multiple sites using VMware workstation 14?

    here’s what I’ve done:
    1. Install workstation 14 and setup 3 “LAN Segments” (blank virtual switches with no DNS or DHCP). These lan segments are “Rack 1”, “Rack 2”, and” ”Backbone”
    2. Installed WS 2k3 R2 on “router1” and “router2” and gave each static IPs and 2 virtual NICs
    3. One NIC is “LAN” (static IP and the other is “Backbone” (IP 10.255.x.x). Note: since “router1” and “router2” each have 1 NIC connected to a separate LAN segment (“rack 1” and “rack 2”) and they share the “Backbone” LAN Segment in common using a separate NIC; in theory at least the two should not conflict with the IP assigned to the respective “internal” NIC.

    4. Both servers have DNS and DHCP configured (DHCP bound to “LAN” and DNS cannot be bound
    4. DHCP setup almost identically (address range 10.1.x.x, default name servers are Router1 and router2 ( and on “backbone”), time server is, default gateway is
    5. Turn in RRAS in NAT mode (simulating a local router) with no firewall (since I want our two sites to communicate)
    6. Set up one server each behind each of these routers.
    6. Attenpt to do some task (ping a “distant server, setup active directory using both the routers as DNS resolvers, browse files in a remote server not behind that router, etc). And no luck.

    did I miss something somewhere? Because I think I have it straight but clearly it’s not working. If anyone’s got any suggestions, please feel free to let me know

    I was once told by a Microsoft support engineer that you don’t want to do a single Netwerk of DHCP using to but rather, to break this larger class A network up into smaller chunks for individual sites. So, now that I’ve got a more powerful machine acting as my VM host, I can spin up a few more VM‘s that that is all they do is act as DHCP, DNS, and routers.

    is it the fact that I am attempting to link 2 networks that use non-routable addresses along a third network that is only populated by non-routable routers for the other non-routable networks?

    again, any thoughts on this or even some help with greatly be appreciated because I’m at a real head scratcher here.

    please forgive any oddities in the above post as I am on my mobile and I type better when I’m on my actual laptop.