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    I have been having issues with deploying Windows 8 using WDS.

    Every time I attempt to install the software, I receive the following error:
    Capture.jpg Capture.PNG

    I have attempted to use two different ISO images (en-US and en-GB), tried VMs with several different configurations, a laptop that I know works with Windows 7 installs, with unattend.xml and without the answer files. If I burn those iso images to a disc, they install perfectly fine.

    I am completely lost. I asked in ##windows-server, and was told that hardware was bad, but having tried two different machines and different setups for VMs, I would doubt this is a hardware issue.

    I looked in Event Viewer for any messages in WDS however, I didn't see any regarding the specific error code.

    Could anyone help me diagnose this issue? Has anyone had success with Windows 8 deploying from WDS?

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    You are running the the Windows Server 2012 into a Vm verify that the boot.wim contain the network drivers .
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