Windows Update Behaving Badly

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    Jan 13, 2009
    I recently completed a clean reinstall of Vista Ultimate x86. Once SP2 was installed I received appx. 17 updates that were installed flawlessly. I then received another group of twelve updates, eight of them listed as important. Four of the twelve installed and eight of them did not. I did a few more searches for new updates and these eight were continuously offered to me.

    I went to Microsoft, to the actual download page for each of these eight updates, and attempted to manually install them. I negligently failed to check the system requirements of them. Three of them installed with no problems. The other five updates returned the message "The version of Windows you have installed doesn't match the update you are trying to install". I again did a few more searches for new updates and these five were continuously offered to me.

    The five updates offered that were not for my version of Windows were KBs 2378111, 2564958, 2345886, 2633952 and 970430. One of them was for an update concerning Daylight Savings Time. I decided to hide the updates.

    I then again searched for new updates and was presented with one update, which is KB2570791. I installed it, again before checking to see what the system requirements are. I went to the Microsoft manual download page for this update and discovered that it was for Windows XP SP3. I did a search for "Windows Vista daylight savings time update" and clicked on the website for Microsoft's manual download page. The update was the same KB number, that being 2570791, as that for Windows XP SP3 but this time the system requirements listed Vista SP2. I realize that an update can apply to more than one version of Windows, so I'm not completely illiterate or moronic.

    Does anyone know why Windows Update would offer me updates that do not pertain to my version of Windows? I did some research of the issue online and could not find any relevant articles or discussions concerning the matter.

    Thank you for your time and any assistance provided.