Windows XP SP3 Freeze + Restart with system32/config/system missing or corrupt

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    I don't have a good english, sorry.

    I have installed Windows xp sp3 pro on a new computer :
    > Installation of XP SP3 worked fine
    > Drivers installation : worked fine
    > Update : worked fine..(but with efforts)
    > Installation of some software : worked fine

    I checked :
    * Hardware : Super pi/Memtest/hdd scan, .. : All worked fine
    * minidump folder : nothing inside..

    My problem :
    Sometimes, my computer freeze and then the only thing I can do is restart.
    > When i restart the computer, it says :
    system32/config/system missing or corrupt
    > After several restarts, the system still cannot starts..
    And I don't know why, but if I change boot order(hdd->cd_drive) the system restarts. And there is no error on windows, or bsod dump..
    And if I restore the order to its initial value(cd_driver->hdd), the computer restart with no problem until the Exact same freeze restart.
    And there is nothing I do before that can lead to the error.

    I have reinstall XP SP3 and the same problem still exists.

    Can you help me ? Thank you very much

    PS : Oh yes, I forgot something. Changing the boot order doesn't solve everytime the problem.. Sometimes, I just insert my CD of win xp sp3(just insert and nothing else) and it works..
    And the computer can work for 1-3 days without showing any problems..
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